The following conditions apply to ORGAWELL®, INSENIO GmbH, Novalisstrasse 11, 10115 Berlin, Germany (www.ORGAWELL®.com).

ORGAWELL ® is a trademark of INSENIO GmbH, based in Berlin (Germany).
Your order will be carried out in compliance with the general terms and conditions as stated below. The terms are applicable in the form they are published on our website on the date of your order.
1. Registration / Access
1.1. The access to the ORGAWELL® website is free of charge. In general no personal registration is needed. The visitors to the website are not identifiable.
1.2. Neither special software for downloads nor registration are needed to use the ORGAWELL® website or to carry out the downloads.
2. Contract
The contract of sale of the ORGAWELL® method is valid on receipt of the order and the completion of the online payment.
3. Prices / Terms of payment
The prices are indicated on the order form and in the download area. The validity of the prices published on the website is bound to the point in time in which the order is placed. The download should be paid by VISA or MasterCard. For online payment the general terms and conditions of Saferpay Telekurs Card Solutions apply. Each credit card payment transaction will be confirmed by Saferpay via email.
4. Power of revocation
4.1. Videos and DVDs. The customer has the right to revoke the contract with ORGAWELL® if he has purchased videos or DVDs. A written withdrawal together with the ordered videos and DVDs should be sent back to ORGAWELL® within 14 days after the receipt of the goods.
4.2. Downloads and background information brochure. The contract with ORAGWELL in case of purchase of a download or the background information brochure cannot be revoked.
5. Right of user and Copyright
5.1. The entire content of the ORGAWELL® video cassette and DVD (vision and sound) as well as the text of the background information brochure are protected. Copyright and all other rights are reserved. Any change, duplication or re-edition of the ORGAWELL® products is forbidden without an explicit permission by ORGAWELL®. The products are destined exclusively for private use. Hiring, transferring to other data carriers, public exhibiting, exchanging and copying are forbidden.
5.2. On downloading the ORGAWELL® method the customer gets his personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use of the downloaded file within the contractual limits (playing, burning). Burning on DVD or transferring on reproduction equipment is allowed to the customer exclusively and for his private purposes exclusively). No other rights are transferred on the purchase of the ORGAWELL® products.
5.3. Explicitly forbidden are: public screening, sending, distribution or enabling access to the ORGAWELL® products via Internet (uploading) or other electronic networks (file sharing), hiring, further licensing or any other commercial use as well as adaptation, transferring or saving beyond the contractual limits stated above.
5.4. The client is bound to respect the legal terms of the copyright at all times. ORGAWELL® refuses all claims resulting from not respecting the legal terms by the customer. All claims concerning violation of the law will be laid to the charge of the customer.
6. Guarantee and liability
6.1. Von der Gewährleistung ausgeschlossen sind grundsätzlich Fehler, die durch äussere Einflüsse, Bedienungsfehler oder nicht von ORGAWELL® durchgeführte Änderungen, Ergänzungen, Ein- oder Ausbauten, Reparaturversuche oder sonstige Manipulationen entstehen.
6.2. ORGAWELL® disclaims all liabilities in connection with
- technical problems including errors or interruptions of the ORGAWELL®.ch (.com) website
- unsuitability, unreliability or inaccuracy of the website
- inadequacy of the ORGAWELL®.ch website to meet your requirements
6.3. ORGAWELL® disclaims all liabilities in connection with
- non-availability of the download or its interruptions
- incompatibility of the ORGAWELL®.ch website with any of your equipment, software or telecommunications links
6.4. ORGAWELL® disclaims all liabilities in connection with problems with accessing the ORGAWELL®.ch website or the quality of the download from it due to such natural forces as fire, lightning, explosion or over-tension of power lines, dampness or any other event that ORGAWELL® cannot be made responsible for, such as failure of communication networks or gateways in particular.
6.5. Any material or non-material claims against ORGAWELL® in connection with damages caused either by the use or non-use of the ORGAWELL® movie file, or by defective or incomplete information are generally excluded if no deliberate or heavy negligent error by ORGAWELL® can be proven.
The range of products is free and not binding.
6.6. The ORGAWELL®.ch websites can be accessed worldwide and may contain references and links to products, services or programmes by ORGAWELL® which are officially not available or forbidden in your country. ORGAWELL® denies all responsibility for the illegality of its products in your country.
It is not ORGAWELL®’s responsibility to make statement concerning the suitability, availability or legality of its products in other regions of the world. The download of the ORGAWELL® movie file is at your own risk.
7. Release from liability
You agree to free ORGAWELL®, its partners, agents and employees from all responsibility and financial claims. This declaration comprises among others legal representative fees claimed by a third party due to your distributing, publishing, transferring of content of the ORGAWELL® website, accessing and using it, or to violation of the terms of use or of any rights of natural or juristic persons.
8. Links to Third Party websites
ORGAWELL® declares explicitly that at the time of incorporating of links to other websites, no illegal content on those websites was recognisable. ORGAWELL® has no influence on either the present or future layout, content or authorship of those websites and denies all liability in connection with them.
9. Copyright and Protection of Trade Rights
All content, design, graphics, pictures, text and layout of the ORGAWELL® website are protected by copyright. All rights, in particular the copyright, distribution or translation rights are reserved. No parts of this website, either text, pictures or movie files can be reproduced, transferred or translated into either a natural or an artificial, machine based language.
10. Data protection
ORGAWELL® obeys the law concerning data protection. No customer data can be obtained by a third party.
11. Additional regulations
11.1. The legal relationship between the customers and ORGAWELL® is governed by Swiss Law exclusively. ORGAWELL® reserves itself the right to change the General Terms and Conditions through updating of the online version at any time. Present or future partial or complete invalidity of some of the general terms and conditions does not have any influence on the rest of the regulations.
11.2. Please note that the exercises shown in this video are no substitute for medical advice. When in doubt please consult your physician before you start the training. You should go with the exercises only as far as your physical strength and the actual state of your bodily condition allows you. The creators of this video and the performers involved deny all liability for the damage that might occur while carrying out the exercises or while following the instructions.
12. Consent and legal venue
By accessing the ORGAWELL® website you accept that all matters concerning the access or the use of this website are subject to the law of the Swiss Confederation. The legal venue is Switzerland. The parities agree that the UN commercial law does not apply to the use of this website.


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